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Egyptian Sampler

Release date: March, 2001

Stitch count: 198H x 160W
Model stitched on: 28 count antique white Monaco from Charles Craft®
Model size: 14.25" x 11.5"

Chart: computer generated

Leaflet: available
Kit: not available

©Leisure Arts, Inc. P.O. Box 55595, Little Rock, AR 72215

Description: An unusual and eye-catching sampler featuring recognizable motifs from ancient Egyptian art and history. The motifs include: the scarab, falcons and vulture, the sun disk, various gods, the lily and papyrus, the eyes of Ra, heiroglyphs, and typical profile portraits of a pharoah and a queen, in regal headdress. The predominant colors of the design echo what is found in exisiting artifacts and pyramid paintings: gold, turquoise, lapis, carnelian, and onyx.

Background Information: I've had many design requests for "something Egyptian" for several years. I knew that each and every motif in such a design would need to be carefully researched: ancient Egyptian symbology is fascinating, but quite complicated. I researched material for this design for several months, trying to distill down the information to a manageable size. The motifs included in the design are only the most recognizeable ones: the history is so rich, one could (and some do!) study it for a lifetime!

The following information is included with the kit:

The main elements of Egyptian Sampler are symbols of major gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt. The scrab beetle represents Kephri, the god of the morning sun: the representation of "life born anew" after the long night. The gold lines radiating from the scarab denote Ra, the sun god, worshipped throughout ancient Egyptian civilization. The eyes of Ra, symbolic of healing or making whole, are shown beneath lily and papyrus panels. The falcons, shown with wings outstretched in a protective stance, are the bird-shape of the god Horus. Horus, also shown with a falcon head, is known as the falcon god, god of the sky, and protector of the kings and their power. Osirus, shown in mummy wrappings, is the lord of the underworld, god of death, ressurection and fertility. Isis, the goddess of healing, is the sister and wife of Osirus, and the mother of Horus.

The other elements of the design include heirogylphs, sacred writing of the Egyptians. Shown in the central panel are selected representations of the names of Horus, Osirus and Isis. The Pharoah and Queen are shown in traditional headdresses featuring the cobra goddess Wadjyt, symbolic of the Lower Kingdom and the king's power to "lash out" at Egypt's enemies, and the vulture goddess, Nekhbet, symbolic of the Upper Kingdom. Shown together, they signify the unification of Egypt. The bottom central panel is another depiction of the vulture goddess, shown with the disc of the sun god Ra, and the shepherds' crook and flail, which represent the pharoah's power as protector and disciplinarian respectively.

Stitching Comments: Because of the fairly limited color scheme of the design, the floss list is not nearly as extensive as some of my designs, but it is a fairly large piece with fractional stitches, and some beads. It also contains some over-one stitching (the faces of the pharoah and the queen), metallic braid, and some specialty stitches. I would have to rate this design as moderately difficult because of all of the above. If you are interested in or admire things Egyptian, you should enjoy this design!

Specialty Stitches: couching, lazy daisy, diamond eyelet, diagonal satin stitch, woven (plaited) cross stitch, Montenegrin cross stitch

Important Tips: Charting Technique, Organizing Floss, Specialty Stitches, Miscellaneous Tips

Egyptian Sampler Floss List

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