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Release date: August, 1999

Stitch count: 194H x 176W
Model stitched on: 28 count antique white Monaco from Charles Craft
Model size: 13-7/8" x 12-5/8"

Chart: computer generated
Kit: not available
Leaflet: not available
Downloadable chart: available

Design is available ONLY via PatternsOnLine.com.

©Leisure Arts, Inc. P.O. Box 55595, Little Rock, AR 72215

Description: This unique design features an arched portal guarded by two golden-robed male angels, each bearing a torch. The angel on the left bears a sword; the one on the right, an hourglass. Through the doorway is a view of the earth and moon as seen from space, surrounded by the planets of our solar system; they are set against a midnight blue star-studded background. A scene of Everest at sunrise anchors the view. A Biblical quote from II Peter, 3:8 finishes the design: ...With the Lord, one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as one day.

Background Information: I have to admit, when the folks at Leisure Arts first broached the subject of a "millennium" design, I had absolutely *no* idea how to aproach it! How to "capture" what a new millennium symbolizes? Should I do something "literal" like tracing historic milestones? Should I go for something more esoteric? I was truly at a loss. Finally, I decided to examine what the event means to me personally and the choice was settled. Then: how to make the snippets of "positive emotion", the elusive "impressions", the "spiritual" dreams all work together in a design that would, hopefully, inspire like feelings in others?.....Ultimately, I chose to express my feelings about mankind's place in the universe, and my hopes for the future by juxtaposing largely Christian symbolism with a "view from space", and the inspiring words from II Peter.

Stitching Comments: I'd rate this design at a little more than average difficulty, because of the over-one stitching of the faces and hands, and planets. It, of course, has its share of blended floss colors and fractional stitches. Otherwise, it is pretty straight-forward, with no specialty stitches or unusual fibers...just some beads. Want some musical inspiration while stitching? Try David Arkenstone's "Citizen of Time".

Specialty Stitches: none

Important Tips: Charting Technique, Organizing Floss, Large Designs

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