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Tips for finding out-of-print (OOP) TW designs

  • Post a request to the TW Trading Post on the TW Bulletin Board. There are lots of people checking this section on a regular basis: someone might be able to help you locate that elusive OOPOOS TW! Registration for the Board (hosted by EZBoard.com) is fast and painless...just follow the links.

  • Post a request to the rec.crafts.textiles.needlework newsgroup on Google: http://groups.google.com/group/rec.crafts.textiles.needlework

  • There are several other Bulletin Boards on the 'Net especially for needlework lovers: posting your request several places couldn't hurt!

  • If you like on-line auctions, and don't mind taking your chances bidding and dealing with sellers, this is another possible source for OOP designs. Give Ebay and Cross Stitches Auction a try! Lots of OOP TW designs come up for bid at both places (just do a search for "wentzler"). (F.Y.I.- Ebay tends to be the more expensive of the two.)

  • A Final Note: If you are in the process of stitching an OOP TW chart, and cannot finish it because something unfortunate happened to the chart (the dog/ cat/ child destroyed it, you lost it, the folds are worn and have obscured the symbols...etc.), and you would like to complete stitching the design...Leisure Arts will provide a copy of only the portion of the chart you need to complete your design. ***They will not photocopy whole charts: so don't ask!*** If you have this problem, call Leisure Arts at: 1-800-643-8030, extension 458, and explain your predicament...they'll make sure you get the portion of the chart you need. Remember: this applies only to OOP designs!

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